Towards new horizons

At Bright Horizon Children’s Home needy children of different ethnic and religious backgrounds live together. In a loving and family-like environment, the children learn to take responsibility for themselves and the community. The caregivers, „Amalas“ and „Palas,“ Nepalese for mother and father, ensure that their fosterlings eat well, are cleanly dressed and well groomed. When needed, a part-time nurse looks after the children.

Our boarders and day scholars are taught by 19 teachers. The school also houses a cafeteria which serves three warm meals per day plus snacks during breaks.

In total, a team of around 20 Nepalese and Tibetan employees are responsible of the smooth running of the children’s home, the school and administration.

The children’s home and school are comprised of nine buildings. They were built in 1999/2000 and 2006/2007 in a traditional Nepalese style.

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