Commitment to a place of hope and the future

The Marlies Kornfeld Nepal Foundation offers children from the poorest of backgrounds a safe home in the Bright Horizon Children’s Home (BHCH) and provides them with an education that gives them the chance for a fulfilled and self-determined life.

This encouraging perspective fills us with joy and motivation to further intensify our work in the current present.

Cooperation Switzerland – Nepal

The Children’s home and school in Nepal are organized as a charitable trust. The Nepalese board of trustees is made up of local personalities with many years of experience in education, development aid and business.

Members of the Swiss Board of Trustees and/or the German partner association visit the Bright Horizon Children’s Home every year, so that a personal exchange is possible.

On this occasion there are also board meetings with the Nepalese board. This promotes mutual understanding and personal relationships.

The German partner organisation

The German association Children’s Bright Horizon e.V., Frankfurt was founded in 2002 by Ronald and Gabriele Gerns-Dilla.

R. Gerns is a member of the board of trustees of the Marlies Kornfeld Nepal Foundation. Every year the German association contributes about one third of the annual costs through fundraising and sponsorships.

Children’s Bright Horizon e.V.


Something has to be done, thinks Marlies Kornfeld …

In 1995 she is in Nepal, the first transit country for Tibetan refugees. And she realizes that there is an even greater need here.

A second image comes to her mind: beautiful, serious children who patiently stand  in an endless queue. “They are waiting for a school place,” she is told. So she buys a large piece of land in a prime location above Nepal’s capital Kathmandu and has a school and dormitory built: The Bright Horizon Children’s Home.

Marlies Kornfeld
Founder and Honorary President
Ronald Gerns
Board of Trustees
Theres Berner
Board of Trustees
Dino Degiorgi
Sandra Wirz
Esther Seidel
Board of Trustees