Bright Horizon Children`s Home

Experiencing everyday school life !

Our Co-President had this opportunity during her three-day visit to BHCH. We take you on a short journey into a project where every franc donated makes a big difference.

The first thing that strikes you as a visitor to BHCH is this peaceful energy: the considerate cooperation that is practiced here on a daily basis could serve as a model for many Swiss schools. The fact that all the children come from very difficult backgrounds is almost forgotten.

A personal view

The school day at BHCH is packed: from early morning sports to lessons and homework time in the evening, the days are full. The various activities flow smoothly and without any hectic rush. Even the youngest children (they are only 5 years old) meditate in absolute silence before class – imagine this in our kindergartens! The BHCH students participate in the lessons with admirable motivation, natural discipline and full of joy.

Constantly striving for higher goals

The efforts of the school management and teaching staff to constantly improve their own work and to be open to new ideas every day are particularly impressive. This was repeatedly expressed in personal discussions with employees. It is also directly reflected in the high school level that BHCH graduates achieve after the 10 compulsory school years. The step into college is relatively easy for former BHCH students in Nepal.

Strengthening cooperation

The Swiss and Nepalese Foundation Boards work closely together. The personal exchange on site was also an important part of our Co-President’s visit to Nepal. With their joint efforts, both bodies do their best every day to support the BHCH.

Your financial help keeps this project going, and the money is used exactly where it can make the most difference. It gives disadvantaged children an opportunity that they would otherwise not have due to their difficult family circumstances: The chance to lead an independent life in the future thanks to a good education.

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