Children’s Home

A safe home for a hopeful future

Near the idyllic village of Matatirtha – “Mother Earth” – outside of Kathmandu is the Bright Horizon Children’s Home (BHCH).

About 250 children between the ages of 5 and 18 find a safe home there: Most of the children are orphans or half-orphans and come from very poor backgrounds.

Nepal – Help for the children from the roof of the world

Nepal’s children need a place to live and learn. At the Bright Horizon Children’s Home, children receive a good school education in a sheltered environment, regardless of gender, ethnic, social and religious background.

The children’s home in numbers



are admitted every year, a quarter of which are day students who live externally.



work in care, in the household and garden, and in administration.



between the ages of 5 and 18 are currently provided with a safe home.



were recorded at the Bright Horizon Children’s Home to this day.


In the Bright Horizon Children’s Home, children from the Himalayan region with different ethnic and religious backgrounds live together. The care team consists of both Nepalese and Tibetans. The children live together in family structures and learn early on to take responsibility for themselves and the community.


Every year 20 to 25 new children are admitted, a quarter of them are day students who live outside the school. The places are in great demand, as the orphanage and school are among the most renowned in Nepal.



The children’s home and school are housed in a total of 9 buildings. They were built in 1999/2000 and 2007 in Nepali style.

The management of the BHCH is closely monitored by the board of the Nepalese association, which is made up of experts who are also responsible for the selection of the children. The family situation is carefully examined in each case so that the most needy are given a chance. To date, around 620 children have been admitted to the Bright Horizon Children’s Home.


At the BHCH 24 teachers teach and a further 23 people work in care, household and gardening, and administration. The BHCH offers all 47 employees (full and part-time) a secure job with progressive social benefits. The regular income also guarantees the livelihood of their families.

Since the foundation of the school home, countless hours of volunteer work have been done in Switzerland, Germany and Nepal. The purchase of land and the construction of the buildings – two school buildings, residential and farm buildings – amounted to 1.7 million Swiss francs.

3.8 million francs were invested in operation, training and maintenance.

Since 1999, 5.5 million francs have thus been transferred to Nepal.

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Out children’s home team

Pramod Thapaliya
Uday B. Regmi
Head Cook
Bishnu Sapkota
Security Guard
Tsering Lhamu Tamang
D room Aunty
Sonam Sherpa
Purchase Assistant & House Father
Sangam Chapagain
Admin & Finance Assistant
Ranjeeta Gurung
Nitika Rijal
School Secretary

“This place, this school means a lot to me. It’s my home where I’ve spent the last 10 years. From day one until today, it has been my backbone, my family, my mother, my father. It was taken care of all around me, which is why it really means a lot to me. Parash Upreti, BHCH Graduate

Parash Upreti

BHCH Graduate