During the 2 years of college the young people do not live in the home anymore, because the way to Kathmandu, where the colleges are located, is too far. They usually live with relatives or in exceptional cases in a hostel.

During these two years the teenagers will continue to be financed by Bright Horizon Children’s Home. During this time they maintain close contact with the school, as they have spent more than 10 years there and consider it their home.

After college, the youngsters, who are now around 20 years old, leave the protection of our school and face life. They are well prepared for this.

Some go to universities. We try to support them as much as possible and are therefore very grateful for any additional donations.



The children spend two to three years in kindergarten. Since most of the children come from remote mountain areas, they…

10 school years

The main subjects are mathematics, English and Nepali. In addition, the children are taught computer science, physical education, dance, singing…


The Alumni Club supports the young school leavers with advice and practical help and meets at school for exchange.