Nepal’s children need you!

Your donation always helps

Thanks to your support, a child from a poor background is given the chance of a dignified and independent future through a sound education and vocational training.

With a sponsorship you accompany a child into life – an extraordinarily enriching experience for both sides. If you are interested in a personal exchange, you can write to and visit your sponsored child. Your help arrives directly.

The sponsorship covers the living and educational costs of a child. Further donations enable the expansion and maintenance of the facility as well as extraordinary purchases.

Here you can donate immediately:

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What your donations achieve


CHF to help immediately

10 CHF are enough for example for:

  • 4 new books for the library
  • 6 dozen ballpoint pens
  • 15 kg rice
  • 18 kg vegetables

CHF/ month Standing order

With a standing order for CHF 20, for example, you can help support one of the 80 children who have no godparents.


CHF/month for day students

The costs for a day child amount to CHF 600 per year. This includes education, two meals a day, school clothing, medical care.


CHF/ month for a boarding school child

The annual costs for a boarding school child are CHF 1’200. This includes all living expenses, meals, education, school clothing, leisure wear, medical care.

How you can help us:

I liked being part of something bigger and I think it is the only chance for these children to get a good education in their lives because one day they will be on their own. And when we fill their rucksack, we’ll give them a chance.”

Hubert Lombard

Parash's Godfather

Bank details

Your donations are tax deductible

We are happy to accept donations to the following account:

Bright Horizon Children’s Home
PostFinance, Mingerstrasse 12, 3030  Bern/Schweiz,
IBAN CH71 0900 0000 1525 8229 3

The Marlies Kornfeld Nepal Foundation is exempt from any tax liability. You can deduct your contribution as a donation in your next tax return.