Nepal has been in lockdown for almost 7 months now. In the meantime, the lockdown has been eased or lifted completely, resulting in rapidly increasing infection rates. The health system in Nepal is hopelessly overstrained and not able to help all the affected people. The children of our school have been with their relatives in the villages since March. Currently 245’650 positive cases are known (December 10, 2020). The population is hit hard, as many live from hand to mouth and are now without income. Hunger is an even bigger problem than the virus itself. Supply chains are broken and there is no end in sight to this situation. Many aid organizations help to relieve the greatest need with food packages in remote areas.


Good vision for a better future

Under the motto “Good vision for a better future”, the long-standing German godparents Gabriele Wutschke and Volker Meyer last year…

Painting competition

In February 2020 the alumni organised a big painting competition to the delight of all children and young people. The…