Covid-19 May 2021

Latest BHCH Update in regards to the Second Wave of COID-19

The second wave of the corona pandemic has become very fierce in Nepal with the daily report of highest number of new cases i.e. 7,211 today (May 2) since its outbreak last year. The virus proliferation has taken place throughout the country, however cities mainly the Kathmandu Valley has been doomed to face its worse impacts. It’s evident that the rampant crowding encouraged by irresponsible politics from some weeks back and carelessness of people towards necessary health precautions have led to this situation. Lately the government has imposed several restrictions in main hotspots and nationwide closure of schools and colleges have been enforced.

Since February upon the assessment of the minimum risk of virus, we had relaxed the restrictions of mobility in BHCHS keeping the enforcement of safety precautions in place . When the second wave strongly appeared, we limited the entry and exit to and from BHCH from 19thApril. With the rise of new cases, strict lockdown has been imposed in BHCH since 26thApril enforcing the prohibition of all sorts of entries except most needful supplies. Such supplies are carefully received and stored with full alertness that the virus may enter with them. Protecting children and staff residing inside the school premises is our primary focus at present.

We had resumed physical classes since February but taking the recent spread of the pandemic into account, in- person teaching and learning with the physical presence of the non-residential teachers and day scholars in the school has been stopped since 19thApril. We have been running online classes for day scholars and both virtual and physical classes for boarders since 20thApril. Our 6 non-residential teachers teach online to both boarders and day scholars whereas 12 residential teachers teach boarders physically and day scholars virtually.

We have 178 boarder children along with all the residential teachers and staff staying in BHCH at present. Everyone is aware of the health precautions and safety measures. Frequent hand washing, avoidance of direct physical contact as long as possible and wearing masks have been put in action. The teachers provide the children with appropriate counseling individually and in group in order to keep the children alert but not terrified. Some Dos and Don’ts have been put on the notice boards. Provision for isolating children and staff if detected with health issue has been arranged.

21 children are graduating from grade 10 this year. They are preparing for their SEE examination. They have worked very hard to recover their learning deficit caused by months long school shutdown in 2020. Other children are also preparing their final exams which are supposed to take place at the end of May but the new development has made the future of such exams uncertain.

Kathmandu is now in lockdown starting from 29thApril. It is expected that this shutdown will beak the chain of the virus spread.



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