Covid-19 September 2021

Latest BHCH Update in regards to COVID-19

The Corona pandemic is currently stable at around 1000 new infections per day. As of 30 September, there were 886,614 confirmed cases and 11,135 deaths. Shops, hotels and restaurants are open again and quarantine has been lifted. Vaccinations have slowly started throughout the country, but there is still a lack of sufficient vaccine.

School classes have resumed, to everyone’s delight and relief.

At the moment, Dashain is the biggest and most important festival celebrated in Nepal. Most of our children have gone home to their relatives.

Tens of thousands of guest workers from abroad (mostly from India and the Gulf States) are now coming back to Nepal to visit their families on the occasion of Dashain. Border controls are practically non-existent, so it remains to be seen how the situation will develop.



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